Buying a land for construction purposes is a matter that requires responsible preparation, analyzing many aspects and forecasting to prevent conceivable incidents. It is important to use your resources rationally and initially focus on the basic algorithm of actions. The approach should be comprehensive and...
13.04.2021Ian Levitasno comments
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Today, investors in the primary real estate market are not protected from risky investments, therefore, before making an investment, buyers should conduct a thorough analysis of the investment project of a residential complex, monitoring of the available information on the developer’s rights to the land...
15.03.2021Ian Levitasno comments
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On July 16, 2020, Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 3640, the law “On amendments to certain legislative acts regarding the moratorium on the recovery of property of citizens of Ukraine provided as security for loans in foreign currency.” Back in 2014, there was a...
19.02.2021Ian Levitasno comments
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